WebDAV or the World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning is the IETF or the Internet Engineering Task Force standard that is working with the Web authoring. Owncloud WebDAV integrations will get you started connecting the two. It is an extensive set of the HTTP or the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that enables standard file management and editing between the different accessors of the internet.

OwnCloud WebDAV

The WebDAV has been expected to create an effect on the virtual enterprises’ development by allowing the remote groups of files to collaborate in different methods. For instance, the conforming tools of WebDAV can be used through creating software, developing business plans, and writing library data by the virtual organization.

The working groups of WebDAV are one of the application parts in the section of the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium. Their goals are to “define the HTTP extensions necessary to enable distributed Web authoring tools to be broadly interoperable while supporting user needs.”

owncloud webdav

Other expectations for WebDAV is to satisfy the latest expectations of the collaborative potential of the Web by putting write usage to the read usage that was featured by the HTTP. It will also allow you, as a user, to work with the other internet users in a way that is similar on working with the intranet.

Beneficial Features of Owncloud WebDAV

The following are the advantageous features that you will experience when you prefer using WebDAV. Read on to know all of these further.

  • Manipulation of a namespace that will support the move and copy operations. Collections, which are considered as alike to the system of fie directories, can be listed and created.
  • The protocol of DAV Searching and Locating or the DASL will allow the searches that will vary upon the value of the property for determining the Web resources.
  • The protocol of DAV will also allow a particular property retrieving, deleting, and setting.
  • The properties of XML will be the one that will simplify the operation, including the retrieval and the storage, on the metadata, for the data and other information be organized.
  • The concurrency control, or also known as the locking control, will help you to avoid the occurrence of accidental files overwriting.

For you to operate the WebDAV of Owncloud, you are required to present the following data;

The password and username that is designed for the remote server.
The owncloud server of the WebDAV’s URL.

The appellation of your native mountpoint. You can also prefer the remote subfolder that you can determine to the alteration of the destination directory. The default is being used for the entire root.

Owncloud WebDAV servers

It is a server that is usually considered as the webserver. WebDAV server can also be fixed with other types of systems.

WebDAV Version Control Systems in Owncloud

Some of the version control systems can be accessed in different types if WebDAV, such as te PVCS, Git, and Subversion.

General Purpose Webservers

The Owncloud WebDAV has the open-source evasion implementation that can be accessed in the Apache HTTP Server. Most of the webservers usually support the WebDAV through the help of the add-on module, including Microsoft IIS, Lighttpd, and Nginx.

Photo Cred: Tianyi Ma