As you connect with the internet, the Teracloud WebDAV integration will enable you to outlook your preferred webpages and work together with them by clicking the several hyperlinks. If you prefer to browse pages that are on the wiki or being shared, you are allowed to edit them.

Some of the pages are considered as a read-only copy. Well, the HTTP can select all of these documents, wherein the WebDAV will come in. In this post, we will tell you what a Teracloud WebDAV is.teracloud webdav

Teracloud WebDAV

You can also access the WebDAV when you want to work with the different files that were held on various remote servers, web hosting services, and cloud storage from an application that supports it, removal and addition of records, and feel happy knowing that you can access this type of technology protocol.

While the WebDAV is designed for manipulating and editing remote files, you can also use this WebDAV in transferring different data. If you are not a type of a tech-savvy person and want to explore some user-friendly options, then you should consider using this Teracloud WebDAV.

What is Teracloud WebDAV?

WebDAV or Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning is the HTTP’s extension that will enable you, as their clients in editing remote content files on a particular network. In other words, it will allow a web server to work as your file server, enabling all the authors to work with original web content.

WebDAV also contains the HTTP’s standard set of methods and headers for you to copy, delete, edit, move, and create folders and files. Since WebDAV is the HTTP’s extension, it typically uses the 80 pot for unencrypted and plain access and port 443 if you prefer using the TLS or SSL.

Teracloud WebDAV Latest Headers

WebDAV is the HTTP headers extension that will communicate along with your desired server. The latest headers of Teracloud WebDAV server are the following;

UNLOCK – remove a particular source lock.
LOCK – place your desired lock for a specific source.
PROPPATCH – remove or/and change various properties.
PROPFIND – re-gain files and properties that were saved as XML.
MKCOL – make a folder or other collections.
MOVE – move a particular reserve.
COPY – copy a specific resource.

Features of Teracloud WebDAV

  • Have options in logging out if you prefer to go to the background.
  • Stream music and videos from the supported servers directly.
  • Upload ad select numerous photos, such as the fixed EXIF data that has several upload purchase.
  • Upload some photos from the camera or photo gallery.
  • You can send some downloaded documents with the use of your email.
  • Save documents and other attachments from your email up to your local storage, and you can use the teracloud WebDAV server in uploading them
  • Will support you to view the essential file formats, such as the formats of Microsoft Office 9.ppt, .xlsx, .doc), DICOM images, RTF images, numbers, Pages, Keynote, PDF, and OpenOffice.
  • Open such documents and files from different apps.
  • Download your preferred files and save them on your iPad or iPhone.

Photo Cred: Laura Vinck