One amazing working of WebDAV is the Cloud file storages that we have today. Moreover, DropBox is arguably one of the best Cloud file storages that are available in the market today. WebDAV DropBox for Business integrations allow business users to easily connect their systems to DropBox without worrying about managing a WebDAV server.

Whenever one plans on centralizing management and making sure files are shared across the team smoothly, DropBox can be one of the best options. You can be able to do more for your business with DropBox. They have split offers for monthly billing and annual billing.

WebDAV Dropbox for Business

For their monthly billing, the standard rate is $15 per user and can cater to three users in total. This already includes 3 terabytes of data. It also prides itself on its collaboration features as well as easy to navigate sharing tools.

DropBox for business also offers an advanced rate, which is $15 per user and can house three users in total. For this level, your team can avail as much as space as it needs. It also has a sophisticated security and control features to ensure that none of your files will be damaged.

To better adjust to the needs of their customers, they also have an enterprise subscription wherein clients can customize the plan that suits better for their management structure. This also provides individualized promos to ensure that all needs are met at the possible scale there is.

If a client sees fit for their business an annual bill, DropBox also has offers in order to meet the client requirements.

For the standard rate in their annual billing, $12.50 is the rate per user for three users. This includes the following features: 3 TB of space with four months allotted for file recovery, syncing and integration of Office 365 are also provided plus for more security features, they have employed two-factor authentication and also live chat support.

For $20, anyone can avail the advanced offer. The package includes the following: the DropBox Showcase feature, better admin controls and also clearer admin roles, enforcement of invite is also integrated. Moreover, this subscription includes unlimited storage. There is also a single sign-on available plus device approvals. During business hours, phone support is available.

For the Enterprise feature, the client can expect that everything goes in advanced. They can customize their plan that best suits them and in which individualization is highly prioritized. Moreover, here are some constants for this subscription: there is an account capture feature as well as control of the network. There is also support available for enterprise mobility management. There will also be insights provided for end-users as well as for the admin. In this subscription, a 24/7 phone support is available.

WebDAV DropBox for business integrations arguably leading in the cloud file storage as it relates to WebDAV. There are testaments from their clients about their service. In total, DropBox has gained a reputation when it comes to collaboration, document sharing, and fair pricing for corporate structures that are either dominant in their respective fields or just setting up their business. With its features, it has almost become a one-stop-shop for the files in a business.