Zotero WebDAV, also called Zotero File Storage, is a tool that is used to collect and store the files. It also works with chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and serves as the citation to easily access all of your files. Zotero WebDAV is the best software that controls in the organization of your files. The organization of the collection in the Zotero WebDAV library can help lessen the time consumed in searching for the files you need to work on.

Benefits of Zotero WebDAV Connectivity 

  • It works with the WebDAV server and can be used as a personal assistant to access your files on multiple computers.
  • It is highly recommended as file sync.
  • It can help you sync your library even you will use different computers.
  • You can add Zotero in your office computer, and it will pop up on your computer at home.

How to Install Zotero WebDAV

  • You need to open the Chrome browser.
  • Type the web site of the Zotero.
  • Click the “download” button.
  • After downloading the Zotero, you need also to download the library assistance.
  • Just click the blue button to download the blue assistance.
  • The Zotero Set up will immediately open. Click first the standard, install, and finish button.
  • You can see that your Zotero library is open.
  • Using the same website, download the Zotero Extension and make sure that it is compatible with your browser.
  • If it gives a command that you need to add the Zotero Connector, you need to click the Zotero extension button.
  • From the Zotero tool click, the edit, preference, and sync tab. After clicking you can easily sync your files including the audio-files.

Ways to Increase your Zotero Cloud Storage

If you have the Zotero, you already have 300 MB, and it can easily help you to quickly store a large amount of pdf that you want to sync in your library. However, if you want more, you can have additional storage by following the steps.

  • You need to subscribe to any of the paid offers of Zotero.
  • It is your time to check your WebDAV services.
  • Change the location of your files to sync the files into your library.
  • Having an account can give you the storage agreement that is needed to sync your files.

Steps to Create a Zotero Account

  • Go to the website of Zotero.
  • Click the register button that can be found at the upper-right place of the page.
  • Type your name, email address, as well as your unique password.
  • Confirm your email address or number.
  • Verify your password to ensure that you type it correctly.
  • Make sure to check your confirmation code.
  • You need to click your email.
  • Make sure to confirm the account set up of your Zotero.

Having Zotero WebDAV can help you to keep the important files you need. If you use another computer to do your task for the day, you can sync your files and continue doing the task even when you are at home.