Accessing WebDAV Sites with Different Operating System File Manager

The question of whether there is a need to install a third-party software whenever accessing WebDAV sites for Linux, Mac or Windows is answered in this article.

The truth is, you do not need a third-party software in order to access WebDAV sites regardless of the operating system that you are using.

LINUX WebDAV Operating Systems

Linux is famous for its wide array of desktop interfaces. Thus, this creates different environments for users. For every type, the file manager is also different in terms of having its network shares be accessed. For this article, we will limit the discussion on Ubuntu and other GNOME-based distributions. It is also important to note that since it is Linux, other file managers’ working systems are closely related.

The first thing that you have to do is to locate the “Connect to Server” option in the file manager. You can easily find this since it is very obvious. It is under the Network heading and its sidebar. Moreover, you can have the option of clicking the menu, then point to file and then select the Connect to Server button. The other operating systems can be a bit complicated.

After selecting the Connect to Server, you can be able to access WebDAV sites. Thus, you can be able to access and easily view contents that are available. Linux operating systems include within them some built-in tool in order to better navigate with the shares of the network file. You can be able to access some commands through the Command Prompt.

MAC OS X WebDAV Operating Systems

In Mac, it is relatively simpler. You can be able to access WebDAV sites by going directly on the Finder. Open it and then select Go menu and then click Connect to Server in order for the dialog box on the Connect to Server pop-up.

After this, encode the server address that will direct you to any WebDAV server. For example, if you want to connect to a WebDAV site, just utilize the http:// (WebDAV) for you to be redirected in a WebDAV site. This will specify you to an address and be able to go to a WebDAV site.

WebDAV Operating Systems: WINDOWS

Accessing through Windows can be a bit intimidating, but it is attainable. To open a remote server, bear in mind that you can encode the address to its location box by plugging in the appropriate protocol. Take this as an example, if you want to be able to access WebDAV sites, just type in http: // the insert the extension you are looking for. For WebDAV and Windows, the prefix can have a tendency to be critical. Moreover, you also have the option to incorporate an Add a Network Option.

For Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, find the sidebar and click PC. Along the ribbon bar, you can find the Computer tab and then select the “Add a network location.” The wizard will present to you how to correctly enter the WebDAV site you want to be redirected. There will be a Browse dialog that will pop up. A shortcut will appear when you are done which will give you an easier pathway to the Windows Explorer or other browsers.