It is a fact the WebDAV is among the popular methods of accessing files on iOS devices. You can now access the benefits of WebDAV in your iOS 12. If you want to learn more about iOS 12 WebDAV integrations, this article is for you.

Setting up iOS 12 WebDAV integration


Install the IIS

The first thing to do in setting up WebDAV on iOS 12 is IIS installation. You must install the components of WebDAV, which is part of the IIS webDAV implementation. You can do this with Windows ‘08 server.

  • Open Server Manager and choose Roles, then select “Add Roles.”
  • Choose (IIS) Web Server
  • Click “Next“

    WebDAV installation and authentication process

  • Go to the Roles Service option
  • Choose WebDAV publishing under the “Common HTTP Features” section
  • Under the “Security” section, choose “Basic Authentication”
  • Choose Next
  • Select Install

    Make a WebDAV website

If you want, you can modify Default Web Site through these steps:

  • Open the IIS Manager through IIS Manager or Server Manager
  • Expand server name and “Sites” to view the Default Web Site. Choose “Default Web Site” and then “Stop.”
  • Right-click on “Sites” and Add Web Site
  • Name the site WebDAV and make a physical path in your desired location
  • Choose OK
  • If you receive warning on “The binding ‘*:80 is assigned to another site”, tap “Yes”

    WebDAV Authentication Configuration

  • Choose WebDAV web site
  • Double click the “Authentication” icon under the Feature view
  • Disable the authentication methods (like Anonymous)
  • Choose “Basic Authentication

    Enable WebDAV

  • Choose WebDAV website
  • Under Feature view, double click the “WebDAV” icon
  • Choose “Enable WebDAV” on the ‘Actions’ option
  • Tap “Add Authoring Rule…”
  • Choose “All Content” then “All Users” and check if the 3 boxes under “Permission” are selected

    Add Content

  • Right-click the “WebDAV” web site and add virtual directory
  • Give an alias to the folder and enter in the path on the share you want to be available

    Add “User Folders”

Among the WebDAV’s best features is security.

  • Add the ‘List’ right for Domain Users above the home folder
  • Go to EVERY user folder to assure the Domain Users doesn’t have the list right

    Add the Share

Repeat the 6th step and add the user shares’ top level:


ios 12 webdav

WebDAV shows the folder it has access to.


Comments on iOS 12 WebDAV

You must understand about WebDAV and iOS environment. iOS device like your iOS 12 is different from the laptop. You can easily edit off the files in WebDAV. So, you must copy any file on your iOS device, make some edits, and copy the file back.


Using your iOS 12 WebDAV Device

As you use WebDAV on your iOS 12, you must have an app that can support user-defined WebDAV servers. The following is an example with the use of Apple Pages:

  • Choose Copy from WebDAV
  • Enter the WebDAV server name in the sign-in page and begin it with http://
  • Enter the domain and username in the username/domain format
  • Type your password
  • Click Sign In option
  • Navigate on your desired file and copy it into Pages buffer for editing

With these steps, you can now access the WebDAV in your iOS 12.

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