WebDAV iPad : Implementation of WebDAV with iPad

WebDAV enables users to transfer and share files between their computer and also to their iPad.This also implies letting users gain access to all sorts of documents on the WebDAV Server remotely from the user’s iPad.

webdAV iPad


WebDAV iPad: How is this done

There are a number of ways to make this work. By creating a WebDAV server on localhost 8080. Also, users may try using WebDAV to open and view files from the MyCloud App. Another way is by using iWork on the iPad to connect with WebDAV and here is how it  happens :

  1. Firstly go to My Documents and then select Copy to DAV in iWork
  2. Then in the WebDAV Sign-In dialog box, fill up the Server Address, User Name, and all other credentials and then press Sign in.
  3. A list of  folders and documents will be shown on the Server
  4. Select the document you want to copy and then press Copy
  5. This will upload the file to the WebDAV server.

Another way to transfer documents between server and the iPad is by this way –

For doing this, you need to have access to a WebDAV server. This way you can transfer documents between the server and your iPad. Also, if you want then you can also open and edit them on the server.

 For Copying and transferring files from a WebDAV server to an iOS device.

  1. Click on the Files app on the Home screen,
  2. Then navigate to the bottom of the screen and find the Locations list.
  3. If you are not being able to see WebDAV below Locations, then press Edit in the top-right corner of the screen,
  4. After that press WebDAV to turn it on, then click or tap Done.
  5. Again, press on WebDAV in the Locations list.
  6. Then press Connect to WebDAV Server.
  7. After that fill in the server address and your user name and password,
  8. After finishing up with all the credentials,  tap Sign In.
  9. By signing in to your WebDAV server, you can easily open and edit files on the server
  10. This also means you do not have to login in again and again as you remain logged in to the server until you log out or click on Next on the WebDAV Location.

Here is what Apple support recommends users to do

    • Copy a file from the server: Tap the file on the server. When the transfer is complete, the file appears in the document manager. Tap the file to open it on your device.
    • Copy a document to the server: With the document manager in browse view, tap Select in the top-right corner, tap the document, then tap Move at the bottom of the screen. Tap WebDAV, then tap Copy in the top-right corner.
    • Open and edit a file: Tap the file. When the transfer is complete, the file opens and any edits you make are synced back to the server

Apple support

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