WebDAV iPhone: WebDAV on the Apple Ecosystem

WebDAV, which has been used over the years has been around as a part of all modern cloud storage services. Well, it isn’t popular it used to be, still its very necessity is required for operating many types of hosting servers. When we talk about WebDAV iPhone, it doesn’t have much use for it. Although anyone could essentially make or create an iPhone App which can talk to a server which requires the use of the WebDAV protocol. As WebDAV is one of the extensions of the HTTP protocol which allows you to use a web server as a document directory. Where you can get and store documents, with versioning of each document.

One of the features of Apple’s iWork suite on iOS is being able to sync documents with a WebDAV.


Now with the help of  WebDAV Nav, you can download, edit, share and store files on your iPhone or iPad using your local server. This can be done by a  Network Attached Storage or a cloud storage provider.

How to Transfer files to another iOS device with WebDAVwebDAV iPhone

You can upload or download files from Documents on an iPhone and an iPad and send them back to the server by Using WebDAV

To enable  WebDAV to transfer files between iOS devices, the following requirements or criteria must come into play

  • Firstly both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • then the Documents app must be launched on both iPad and iPhone.
  • WebDAV must also be enabled in Documents settings on both devices. This is done by going to the settings option at Documents and then pressing Start WebDAV.

Now for sending the files from iPad to WebDAV iPhone:

  1. Open Documents app on both devices.
  2. Select the  Services section from the bottom toolbar of Documents on your iPhone.
  3. Search the iPad in the part of the Available device.
  4. Then press Confirm the connection on your iPad.
  5. Then select all the files that you want to take from the iPad on your iPhone and press  Download.

There is also a feature called Update which allows you to directly upload the file from your iPad.

Again, To send files from iPhone to iPad:

  1. Firstly open Documents app on both the devices.
  2. Search the iPad using available devices.
  3. Then select Confirm, for the connection on your iPhone.
  4. Then select all the files that you want to take from the iPhone on your iPad and press  Download.

Also remember: If your devices have not been shown in the among available devices, you need to follow this method to do the permanent connection work  manually:

  • On your iPhone or iPad: First, go to services from setting> Then press  Add account  > select the  WebDAV server > add the URL you will find in Documents app on iPad or iPhone  > Settings > WebDAV tab and then fill out all the necessary tabs and press ok.

The same setting is to be applied in case of iPad, just follow the same method.  All these particulars come under  WebDAV Operating System, make sure to check that out.