Windows 7 WebDAV connectivity plays a vital role in file systems and file transfer for many large systems across the globe.

It is compatible with the Microsoft Word so you can use your WINDOWS when you want to upload and download your files.

wiMoreover, it can help you to organize your files and help you retrieve your files.

Important things to click for the Windows 7 WebDAV Installation

  • Internet Information Services and WebDAV Publishing. You need to click the Start tab, and followed by typing the Windows features.
  • IIS Management Console
  • Windows Authentication– You need to click the Default Web Site, and the icon must be double click.

Easy Steps to Access the to the WebDAV in Windows 7

  • You need to click the start button and the computer.
  • Click the map network device button.
  • View and read the instructions.

Steps in Uploading and Downloading of Files using the windows 7 WebDAV

  • Go to window Start Menu then click Computer.
  • You need to click the button near the properties.
  • Then, click the mapped drive.
  • You need to type your WebDAV Address to the map drive dialog.
  • Click the two boxes that indicate: Reconnect at logon and connect using the credentials.
  • You need to click the finish button.
  • You need to type your apricot email and password. Make sure that your email and password is correctly typed and click the ok button.
  • Now you can see the expanded version of your files in the folder.

windows 7 webdav

Steps in Sharing Files using Window 7 WebDAV

  • You need to click the start button and the computer window.
  • Point the cursor to the right panel of your used computer.
  • The contextual menu usually pops up so you can select easily the “add a network” button.
  • You need to click the location wizard screen.
  • In the third screen, enter the URL or your WebDAV address. The URL must start with the https://; make sure to put it in your URL because having https:// is considered being secured.
  • Type your email and address in Windows 7 WebDAV.
  • In the next screen, type your Windows 7 WebDAV address, and it will be the default name, and you need to click next.
  • The Screen will show you the details, and you will verify it by clicking the finish button.

Importance of using Windows 7 WebDAV

  • You can copy, move, and delete your files.
  • If ever you accidentally delete your file, your windows 7 WebDAV can help you retrieve your file.
  • You can easily access your WebDAV using the Microsoft Office and Adobe. On the other software, it is not compatible to open.
  • You can easily download or upload your files by signing in using your Apricot email and password.

If you still want to access the website, you can do the first step, which is opening the computer window using the start button. Then, point the cursor into the right panel of the computer screen and type your Windows 7 WebDAV address. Then, click the finish button.

Given the current state of rapid updates to Windows, we realize that those using windows 7 may be dwindling. Support from both Microsoft and IT departments may be dwindling. We want to offer the most accurate information that we possibly can, but due to the deprecated nature of win 7, this article will be less updated than our Windows 10 WebDAV article.

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