In this article, we are going to cover over 17 open source webdav projects.

After that, I’m going share with you some webdav server and hosting options.

Do you want to know the best Open Source WebDAV Projects?

Then, this article will provide you the best list of what you are looking for.

The following are the best Open Source projects you can choose from to spin up your own WebDAV server and more.

Open Source WebDAV Projects

Here’s our current listing of projects. We’re not going to pretend it is all-inc;usive, but we will try to keep it updates .


jEdit WebDAV plugin

This open-source can support WebDAV 1.0. It needs jEdit. This comes as a part of what you’d expect to work with if you’re building a Java WebDAV Server


ObeDAV is a DeltaV client and server for Bluebottle which is written in Oberon. It can support baseline-control. We have not tested this ourselves.


It is a WebDAV client library specially designed for Perl15. This is a tested and true platform for WebDAV on PERL.


It is another Emacsen’s WebDAV interface. It needs nd, which is a small command-line WebDAV interface.

KDE Desktop

The KDE Desktop is designed for Linux and is a WebDAV compatible project


The Kiwi is a file system that is created on top of WebDAV and HTTPS.


It is version control system made with Apache 2.0, DeltaV WebDAV extensions and its built-in mod_dav.


This product can be used for mounting the WebDAV shares through a Linux File System.


It is a portable, fast Java server. Along with jEdit above, you can see where this adds value when spinning up your own webDAV server.

Python davserver

It is the collection of classes that offers allows you to write your own DAV server easily in Python.

The Jakarta Slide Project

This project consists of different modules joined together with the use of WebDAV. These include the following:

  • A content management system with Java API
  • An HTTP and Java WebDAV client library
  • A servlet that implements WebDAV protocol on the top of the content management system
  • A WebDAV command line client
  • WebDAV enabled Swing components


It is an open-source effort that can standardize Web server personal components, protocol extensions, and tool s to create Internet-scale electronic services. These e-services are created using Web applications, which speak identical HTTP language. Magi uses XML, HTTP, WebDAV as well as other web technologies.

Open Source WebDAV projects

Apache Tomcat

It is a servlet container utilized for the authorized Reference Implementation on Java Server Pages as well as Java Servlet technologies.


It is a command-line WebDAV client. It can support download, file upload, on-screen display, deletion, collection creation, namespace operation, and locking operations.


It is used to keep remote copies of locally stored websites. It can delete, upload, and move files on the server to maintain the remote site coordinated on the local site. It can remember the current content of the server, so you don’t have to check it every time. It can talk to servers with the use of WebDAV and FTP.


This is a server that can be used for interoperability testing. It is an independent server that doesn’t require WebDAV support on the web server’s part.


It is a CGI-Perl program that is designed to offer a solution for a remote file management on the web. It is perfect for managing websites and other file managing tasks. It has a combination of visible HTML 3.2 compliant form-based layer with hidden direct HTTP layer.

WebDAV Explorer

It is a GUI tool that is made to explore the DAV server. It is updated to use latest spec, so it is interoperable with other latest servers.

To sum it up, these are the best command-line WebDAV projects that you can use for your needs.

Open Source WebDAV Clients

There are ton of open source clients for WebDAV out there.

We’ve got some resources here on that covers all different types of WebDAV clients ranging from commercial to free to open source / build yourself.

4 Types of Open Source WebDAV Servers

We break down the types of WebDAV servers by operating systems so that you can drill down into the box types you need. If you have the development resources, you can spin up a free open source WebDAV server using these resources.

Open Source WebDAV Hosting

Finding WebDAV hosting is a little more difficult. It is a niche protocol and requires some expertise and a specific use case.


Open Source Webdav Projects listed here: