WebDAV Projects:  What are the Types of Projects

The World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning or WebDAV has been utilized in many aspects of software development. These WebDAV projects are mainly subdivided into two main roots of project phases. These are either as Open Source Projects or as Commerical Products Projects.

WebDAV Projects

WebDAV Projects Assessment.

Now to discuss these in general, web-based WebDav Projects in the Open Source Community are widely being supported and accepted to work with. Some of its predominant projects would be per se, the ObeDav project. In which WebDav has been used to showcase how to change the resources on the server (Delta V) of the Edgards Oberon Page.  Another well-established project would be The Jakarta Slide Project. This project had been about processing multiple modules together using WebDAV to work together to create a flawless content management framework. 

As for Commercial WebDav Products, a lot of high-end tech companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Mac and so on have either been using or have used WebDAV to build their products to sell to their consumers. Some of the highlighted ones being the Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat projects or the involvement of all Microsoft  Projects which starts with Internet Explorer 5.0.

WebDAV Projects: All about Open Source Projects

Open Source WebDav projects are the most commonly used in the open source channels over the internet. A lot of Open source software has been using WebDAV and we are here to name a few of them.

  • The WebDav Explorer
  • SiteCopy
  • The Python DavServer
  • Eldav Interface
  • PerLDAV client
  • FPSE Clone

 WebDAV Projects: Checking on WebDAV products

As open source projects are mainly done for the open source software. The use of WebDAV in Commercial  Products, on the other hand, is done for better business purposes in one’s product. The software which supports WebDAV can easily allow users to edit and manage files on a web server. Features which are not possible on the generic FTPs. Some named commercial products include

  • Microsoft Windows
  • The Mac OS X
  • My Docs Online by Office 2000
  • Xerox
  • DAV4J by IBM
  • CyberTeams Website Director
  • Novell  GroupWise Web Publisher

The need for Implementation of WebDAV

WebDAV is an underlying protocol. It is an enchanced remote file system. Although a content-management system can be built on top of the WebDAV protocol, it is important to recognize that WebDAV by itself, is not a content management system. Likewise, WebDAV is not a work-flow management system, but it could be used as the foundation for one.

By Schmeizer,Chapter 13,  XML and Web Services Unleashed

These few lines by Schmeizer leads us to the potential that WebDAV posses within itself. As for implementation, as we have learned from the article above a numerous amount of projects have taken a keen interest in involving WebDAV to build their software. in context to this, a lot is to be unveiled regarding new developments with WebDAV resources.

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