When editing files on a web server, what do you usually implement? Sure, FTP has a fair share of advantages, such as being more efficient in transferring files. For commercial webdav projects purposes, you may also want to consider using WebDAV at some point. It is designed to allow users to manage and edit files on a web server collaboratively, plus more important features to look for!

Commercial WebDAV Projects

First things first, what exactly is WebDAV? It stands for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning, WebDAV is based on HTTP/HTTPS with common usage of mapping cloud storage as a network drive. It is supported in Mac, Linux, and Windows as well as in Microsoft Office and Adobe. You might even encounter it in the Microsoft IIS, Drupal, Apple iWork, Apache HTTP Server, Box.com, Git, macOS Finder, etc.


WebDAV extends the set of HTTP headers and methods to give users the capability to create a folder or file, delete or move or copy a file, and edit a file in place, among others. Since WebDAV is an extension to HTTP, it typically makes use of port 443 for secure access and port 80 for unencrypted access.

Commercial WebDAV Projects

WebDAV usually comes in two types of projects: open source WebDAV and commercial product projects. As for the latter, many high-end tech companies (e.g., Adobe and Microsoft) have been using WebDAV to generate products to sell to the customers.
Some of the commercial webdav projects are:

  • Xerox – document sharing and management solution
  • The Mac OS X –publish to world wide web servers from within apps
  • Microsoft Windows – thru Web Folders beginning with IE 5.0
  • DAV4J by IBM – a WebDAV client Java implementation that works with IBM WebSphere AppServer or Apache.
  • Virtuoso – an internet data integration server that implements File, Database, and Web server functions
  • My Docs Online by Office 2000 – a free service that enables the retrieval, sharing, and storage of files on the web.
  • Merlin & Lancelot – both are a server. Merlin includes everything Lancelot has, aside from Postgresq1, PHP-4, and MySQL for dynamic content deployment and development. On the other hand, Lancelot is a 128-bit OpenSSL Secure Server for Windows and Linux.
  • CommNav Business Navigator – comprehensive business content management, groupware package, and portal
  • NuSphere PHPEd – an IDE or integrated development environment that operates both in Linux and Windows
  • Adobe Acrobat 5 – allows reviewers to add comments all at once to an online Adobe PDF document with numerous protocols

There are more commercial WebDAV projects or products available, including the CyberTeams Website Director and Novell GroupWise Web Publisher.

What makes WebDAV highly sought-after is the fact that it supports remote software, development teams. It also has a complete configuration and versioning management support, which are a vital collaboration element for software development.

Conclusion for Commercial WebDAV Projects

Additionally, when it comes to the type of documents that can be authored, WebDAV doesn’t set any limitations. For example, the primary sources of information can be directly authored when using Word documents, DAV server, spreadsheets, photos, etc., that contains a web site. We hope this helps you more fully understand the commercial webDAV projects landscape

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