WebDAV Security: Is WebDAV secure?

WebDAV is a widely used HTTP extension and is perhaps one of the best file transferring protocol out there on the web. But as these protocols have been around for soo many years, It has also become a common playground for hackers. As it is rumoured to be easily exploited, but in reality, it is more versatile and efficient than other FTP or FTPS servers.

This is why the WebDAV Security factor must be known to all. With the right kind of security input, this HTTP server can be the best that there is.  To build a  Secure WebDAV server, resources must be made by using a two-factor authentication system. Just like  Apache, SSL, and some other sources from different systems.


How to Manage WebDAV Security

WebdAV Security

Well, you have a WebDAV server, but how do you manage its security and other concerns about your server. So, WebDAV security is divided into three main aspects to simplify the security process, these aspects of security are as follows:

  • Authenticating Clients
  • Controlling Access
  • Denying Service

1. Authenticating Clients

By having an authenticating client you can avail the following offers of authentication:

  • Digest authentication
  • Having Basic authentication
  • Integrated Windows and Integrated Windows authentication
  • Advanced Digest authentication

2. Controlling Access

This is how you can have total control access to your WebDAV directory

  • By Configuring Web Permissions: This section recommends various ways to configure Web permissions based on the purpose of the material you are publishing.
  • Then allowing  Control Access with help of DACLs: If you set up a WebDAV directory on an NTFS file system drive, then in Windows 2000 Server it gives  Full Control by default to everyone. You need to change this level of permission so that the Everyone has Read permission only. Then you can allow grant Write permission.
  • After that, Protecting Script Code: To hide script files from your client, you can set an option of denying access to the files by confirming the Script source access. Scripts usually are integrated with extensions that are shown in the Applications Mapping list.

3. Denying Services

To process of Dragging and dropping of extremely large files in a WebDAV directory may use up a huge amount of disk space. To limit this amount, you can set a quota on disk usage. By being the WebDAV server admin, then you can limit the disk space usage by Denying the services to the clients.

What is happens in a Secure WebDAV

As the term acknowledges, a Secure WebDAV is basically a secure version of the normal HTTP file transfer protocol. So it means that images, videos, or files that you upload on the  HTML page. It will be stored securely.

Vulnerabilities in WebDAV Detection is a Medium risk vulnerability that is one of the most frequently found on networks around the world. This issue has been around since at least 1990 but has proven either difficult to detect, difficult to resolve or prone to being overlooked entirely.

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