WebDAV Software, as the topic says, WebDAV has a bunch of numerous subsections and bifurcations.

The topics range from

  • Clients
  • servers
  • redirectors
  • engines
  • libraries
  • drive mappers

The gist of most of these is that they enable versioning and collaboration of files via HTTP protocol to send its file across the web. To get into the details, this topic may take on a long toll, which of course will take a lot of time.

So to keep it short, we will be discussing some of the basic yet useful software that are implemented on WebDAV or by WebDAV.

webDAV Software

WebDAV Software Variants

While as mentioned above, the ranging of these softwares are enormous and quite difficult to cover, so here are a few of the useful ones.

  • WebDAV Clients: WebDAV clients are standalone applications which are also the extensions to file explorers or filesystem modules.
    • Specifically, a WebDAV client may also be known as one of the following below, since all the softwares for WebDAV are basically the Clients.
  • WebDAV  Server  Softwares : The server softwares does create a cross-platform WebDAV Server in .NET Core that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
    • One such software us the IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine which adds WebDAV to the user’s ASP.NET project in Visual Studio Wizards.
    • IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine which is used in .NET is specially designed to DAV-enable the user’s MS/CRM/DMS and then publish data from the database, file system or virtually any other storage.
  • WebDAV Libraries: There are also WEbDAV server libraries which can be used for platforms like JAVA or AJAX. Companies like IT Hit.
    • To develop these types of software Library where the user can create their own WebDAV server or create their own Custom Interface for the file management system.
  • WebDAV  Backup Softwares: WebDAV backup generally works by utilizing a WebDAV data transferring protocol.
    • This can either be utilized as a data source or as a destination or for both sides (to  WebDAV sync data)?
    • To apply this technique, companies like Handy Backup provides a WebDAV client plug-in that allows backup to WebDAV in either direction.

The technology of WebDAV backup and sync allows connecting to many clouds. For some of these clouds (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive etc.)

WebDAV Clients Overview

Handy Backup has own plug-ins requiring no WebDAV client software. Still, many other private and public clouds need for WebDAV to connect.

  • For example, you can organize backup to some private OwnCloud server by using WebDAV.
  • Another case is some popular service that has no plug-in in Handy Backup but supports WebDAV. Examples include not only cloud services but such cases as WordPress backup.
  • At last, WebDAV HTTPS or HTTP protocol is just an extension beyond HTTP, and you can use WebDAV client software to access many Web resources (e.g., for downloading and uploading files during website backup or CMS management).

webdav clients backup

WebDAV Clients and Other Software Using WebDAV

Now we did learn about the WebDAV Software , but what about the softwares which uses or implements WebDAV for their functionality.

So in accordance to this, a wide range of applications has the ability to be implemented or to work with files accessed via WebDAV. The application’s in which the file selection dialog need a WebDAV URL along with the local file names.

In addition to this, these applications also require the username and password of the WebDAV server. These applications include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver and more.

Also, when such an app works with files or folders on a WebDAV server. Then WebDAV works in the background to provide collaborative remote file modifications.

Staying in Sync With WebDAV Software

The files on the server are edited in their location, without downloading to the local filesystem for later re-uploading which also create multiple copies that can get out of sync. So, a usual inspection is necessary of these WebDAV Software.

To know more about such amazing topics, check WebDAV Resources.