WebDAV Specifications is very important for your files because it allows you to have the collection of databases wherein you can create, move, delete, and retrieve. It can also help you differentiate the components of the WebDAV specification.

Components of WebDAV Specifications

DAV Specifications

  • This document has the set of headers that can help you since it provides the creating, moving and retrieving the files.
  • The properties can be changed or remain the same. It also hast the locking that can be accessed by one or group of users.
  • Posting and sharing can be controlled.
  • It also has the named place so that it can easily find the location of certain files.
  • There are also the WebDAV extensions, and it is connected with a purpose.

HTTP Specifications

  • HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  • It is used to transfer the limited database into other users.
  • The database is limited.
  • It is highly used on large properties.
  • In case you delete your place, you can easily retrieve it if you want.
  • It has a secure method of authentication.
  • Your account can’t be open by another user.
  • It has a schema or also called as “Digest Access Authentication, which secures your account privacy.
  • It is a process of data presentation.

XML Specifications

  • It is usually chosen since it has the best features, including flexibility and self-describing nature that provides the extension of the WebDAV.
  • It can be encoded and edited.
  • It only has one value.
  • It is a schema that defines the content.
  • It also involves the amount of a certain file, and it has a word count if you will type into a Microsoft word.
  • It is used to lock a big number of files.
  • It also gives maintenance of the database that you have.

RFC Specifications

  • It is an acronym for Remote Function Control.
  • RFC Specifications is a kind of document that is formal.
  • You will also know that RFC is informative.
  • It contains some manual document that can help you if you have difficulties with WebDAV specifications, and you can ask RFC through the use of electronic mail.
  • Using the remote, you can have the information content and be able to use it.
  • Standards of RFC contains the informational bodies of the innovator of these specifications.
  • The related protocol specification work hand in hand with the RFC Specifications.

Benefits of WebDAV Specifications

  • It helps you to understand the network file system that is compatible with your internet.
  • It gives you an idea on how to improve your navigation in looking for your files.
  • You will be able to make your database safe and secured.
  • With the use of remote, you can have the information.
  • It helps to support the software.
  • You can download the software such as Microsoft application, Spreadsheets, documentation, and many more.
  • It helps to avoid restriction in downloading some software.


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