WebDAV server : Everything You Need to Know About it

The work of a WebDAV server is basically like any other type of normal server and here is everything you need to know about it. Generally, people use it for hosting servers from home. But if you are looking it in a technical point of view, then a server based on WebDAV is similar to an HTTP server, with some key changes:

  • These servers are not able to run and execute XQuery Code.
  • These kinds of servers only access the files and directories in a database. It cannot access the file system.
  • A server can only support WebDAV protocol which extends the HTTP protocol. This allows WebDAV clients to gain all read and write access in the database.


WebDAV server : What is its purpose?

Web servers which support WebDAV are known as WebDAV servers. These servers behave like any other web servers but with an additional  Open Source WebDAV implementation in the Apache HTTP server. This allows users to gain access to a Database in the server which can manipulate in accordance with their desire. For e.g

For many applications, it is useful for clients to be able to impose orderings on collections at the server. When the server receives a request for a list of collection’s members, it always responds with a list ordered according to the ordering specified for that collection. For instance, for a -Product manual application- the sections of each manual may be ordered so that they can be printed together as a book. WebDAV also allows creation of symbolic link, the ability to add a referential member to a collection which can point to any resource on the Web.

By Darshan SIngh , ServerWatch Staff , ServerWatch

What are the Benefits of having a server based on WebDAV

By this part of the article,  you should probably know what is the functionality of a WebDAV Server. Now, let us dive into its core benefits

  1. These servers have more access to passing firewall than that of FTP servers
  2. They also follows the same security model as ODBC, HTTP servers. So when users try to gain access to any account in the database, the server authenticates the User ID and password.
  3. Since WebDAV works over FTP, it is both Fast as it has TCP connections as well as Secure.
  4. Users can easily modify their data stored in the directories of the server.
  5. If you are the admin of a then you can avail the benefit of letting the server automatically arrange your database for you.

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This means you don’t have to:

  • Worry about building out open source projects
  • Hiring an engineer to run the server
  • Keeping up to date with RFC WebDAV Specifications
  • Keeping up with cloud storage APIs

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